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Winnipeg Titanic Passenger Esther Bloomfield Hart

Titanic Anniversary My thoughts in April always come back to Titanic.  It is 101 years since the tragic sinking of the grand ocean liner when it struck an iceberg late on April 14th, 2012.  The gashed hull quickly put the … Continue reading

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Titanic Story in Ravenscraig Inspired by Fortune Family Tragedy

The Fortune family of Winnipeg was returning from the Grand Tour, when they set sail on Titanic.  This week marks the 101st anniversary of the sinking.  I have been studying Titanic and her passengers and crew for many years. It … Continue reading

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Ravenscraig Freebie on Amazon April 10-12

Here’s your chance to save $10 and download Ravenscraig for Free on Amazon. Rated 4.4 stars on 85 reviews! Ravenscraig is historical fiction set in Winnipeg, Canada a the turn of the 20th century. Meet Rupert Willows, the charming  and manipulative … Continue reading

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Titanic Survivor Esther Bloomfield Hart Recalls Tragic Sinking

Esther Hart was never very keen on the idea of going to Winnipeg.  When her husband Benjamin announced his decision to leave Ilford, England and strike out for a new life in Canada,  she was immediately apprehensive.   But times … Continue reading

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RG: Putting a face on a century-old disaster

Today’s research gem is from Digs and Docs by John R. Roby. An anthropologist explains his interest in an obscure document connected to the Titanic. I  could quite happily spend an entire day traipsing from one blog to the next … Continue reading

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Titanic: The Auction – How many items?

The Titanic treasure trove is going up for auction.  Many critics will sum up the announcement by saying, “greed wins out in the end”.  After 18 years of court battles, the artifacts that have been recovered from the wreck of … Continue reading

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Writing Ravenscraig

I count myself lucky that I knew so little about the publishing industry when I started writing Ravenscraig. It would have gotten in the way of the writing. Well over a decade ago, I tasted the freedom of “making up … Continue reading

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Titanic Passengers — Hudson Allison and Family — Former Winnipeg Residents

When the Titanic sank, there was both an outpouring of grief and a great public fascination with the passengers. Only a third of those on board the great ship were rescued. Fifteen hundred people died in the shipwreck. In Winnipeg, … Continue reading

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Titanic’s 100th Anniversary – Where will you be?

Home from your summer vacation and wondering how to bring something more meaningful to next year’s travels? How about Titanic? The 100th anniversary of the sinking is April 15th, 2012. If you are truly adventurous, and wealthy, you might consider … Continue reading

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Titanic Salvage in a Wristwatch?

Have you ever imagined what it might be like to place your hand directly on an item salvaged from the Titanic? The proponents of salvaging the Titanic argue loudly for the historic value in bringing the artifacts to the surface … Continue reading

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