Sandi’s New Novel


Our giant chihuahua so badly wants to read.

First, a word of thanks to all of you who have checked my blog, written to me and posted your reviews of Ravenscraig.  I am so very grateful for your notes, reviews and support.

It has been a very long time since I have updated these pages for the simple reason that I ran out of capacity while researching and writing my book, Waiting to Be Found,  a novel based on true events. Tied to the art world, it is a story of big money and bold deception. But now, the novel is written and I am in the polishing stage, getting ready to pitch literary agents. I had a fantastic experience at a writer’s conference in New York in March and will also tell you more about that and other writing news in the coming days.

Is the new novel the sequel to Ravenscraig? 

No, but if you like the gilded age and have any interest at all in art forgery I think this might appeal to you. But yes, there is a Ravenscaig sequel in the works. In fact, I was halfway through writing the sequel when I found this art story that took over my life and became the novel Waiting to Be Found.

What about the sequel? 

The sequel is about art forgery and a character from Ravenscraig who is forced to become an art dealer selling fake Monet’s to Manhattan millionaires. Along the way in the research and writing I stumbled across information that grabbed me by the throat and forced me to set the sequel aside and write a different story set firmly in the world of art forgery. More soon!



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